Daniel Hunt

PHP, Javascript, servers & a dubious taste in music

Daniel's primary role over the past 9 years has been as a PHP developer.

Now a senior software engineer, his initial experience, gained through the building and running of various online communities has been added to and improved upon through his work at a number of high profile, well respected international companies, such as CurrencyFair, dotMobi, Web Reservations International and Version1.

On top of his development and architectural design skills, is a deep knowledge and understanding of Linux based system administration and cloud operations - Amazon Web Services in particular.

Shameless trumpet tooting

Daniel was an enthusiastic, hard working member of the team and his positive attitude was infectious across each of our engineers ...
— Paul Phillips, CTO, scrazzl.com
... [what makes Daniel so valuable] is that he has confidence and courage, always unafraid to voice his opinion when the easy path is to be silent and go with the flow ...
— Trey Harvin, CEO, dotMobi
... His energy, positive attitude and readiness to put his hand to things was extremely helpful ...
— Jo Rabin, CTO, dotMobi
... Dan proved to an enthusiastic, highly motivated and valued member of the DeviceAtlas team. Definitely a valuable resource for any company to have on board ...
— Martin Pegman, Operations Manager, dotMobi